Realmidwestmuzik 2 x Pre-Orders x Hard Copies x Downloads

Realmidwestmuzik 2 is set to be released September 1st 2011. Here's the deal on how it is going to be made available. As of with all of my mixtapes I'm gonna be releasing hard copies in addition to the more common "Free Download". If you wish to get a hard copy of this tape the cost is only gonna be $5 (same price as a subway sandwich) which you will be able to purchase directly from me via delivery or just in person. I will also be taking pre-orders of the hard copies August 15th. If you pre-order a hard copy you will only be charged $3 w/ shipping included. If you're not into paying for music I understand completely, that's where the Free Download comes in. But do take into account we have been putting a lot of work into our craft and I've given out a lot of free music. So if you want to help out by buying a hard copy, it is greatly appreciated. No obligation to buy tho. I just want this tape to spread like a bad STD. So be sure to go download it, buy it, steal if from one of the people who does buy it, do whatever you have to do to get this playing in your house, car, parties, etc. Anyways feel free to hit me up on twitter @EazyElLoco if you feel the need to!