Eazy El Loco x Jola Tha Trunkboi x May 25th W.O Wrights x OR NOT

Here's the deal.
On May 25th one of my dudes is having a birthday party at W.O Wright's and he's bringing in Jola The Trunk Boi. To spice things up, they took 3 potential openers and made a competition to see who would be opening for Jola. 
So I could potentially be performing on the 25th, my fate lies solely in the hands of the people. 
All you need to do to ensure that I will be on the show goes as follows
1. click on the link below.
2. scroll down to where you see this video on the event page
 3. hit the "like" button for me one time
4. (Optional) if you want to comment/share the event and tell your people to vote for Eazy El Loco it would be greatly appreciated.

Wright State Students, my fate relies mostly in you hands. If you want to see me perform at W.O's this is your chance to make it happen. 

1 Love - Eazy El Loco