Eazy Eats : Bills Donut Shop

I recently decided to fulfill my other dream of being a food critic, by starting a vlog series based on fine local dining establishments within my city. I love to eat and I love to support my city, so what better way to do it than to go out and film myself eating at my favorite local restaurants.

The first place I decided to go was Bill’s Donut Shop located in Centerville. I tried a few of their most notable donuts and rated the establishment an overall 4.25/5.

The cherry donut was pretty good. Didn’t blow me away, but was delicious enough to make my taste buds happy. The blueberry was even better and I found myself deeply in love with a donut. However, the red velvet donut took my breath away. Definitely made my heart tingle and I could instantly feel the diabeetis, in a good way.

I’d recommend Bills Donuts to anyone.

-    Eazy